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Language assessment and therapy for adults

Language involves the expression and understanding of ideas – spoken or written.

Language impairments in adults occur due to degenerative neurological conditions, damage to the brain (stroke, traumatic brain injury) or neuro-developmental disorders. Difficulty communicating causes frustration, anger, embarrassment and social isolation. Acquired language impairments include aphasia and cognitive communication impairments.

Rehab Connection’s consultative approach with clients, families, carers and work colleagues can help reduce, the daily impact of language impairment in adults.

Who can benefit

Adults, whose daily life is impacted by difficulty finding words, speaking in sentences understanding conversations, reading, problem solving, and more.

What we can do

We assess, advise, treat and advocate for our clients. We work with the individual, allied health professionals, families and carers. Through effective intervention, our clients can experience improved independence, self-confidence, and everyday functioning.

An initial assessment session usually takes 1.5 to 2 hours. In some circumstances, an additional assessment session may be required. We will provide a summary report, on completion. Comprehensive reports can be provided for a fee.

We’re a mobile service

Rehab Connection is a private speech pathology service, that’s mobile! Based in Sydney, we have extensive experience treating clients with language difficulties in multiple settings – from hospitals, to group homes, private homes, aged care facilities and workplaces.

Useful information

Communication impairment in Australia (PDF)
Aphasia Association
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