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Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) for adults

Augmentative and alternative communication, also known as AAC, describes communication systems which support or replace speech or written communication. Rehab connection is one of only a small number o NSW based Speech Pathology practices with extensive experience working with clients who use AAC.

Who can benefit

For adults who have severe communication impairments, access to AAC tools may mean the difference between a living in silence and isolation versus being independent and able to interact and participate.

What we can do

An AAC specialist, Sarah takes a methodical and evidence-based approach in the selection and application of AAC systems and strategies with her clients. She is able to personalise plans (factoring in different settings and situations), draw on new technology and support the trial and implementation of AAC.

We’re a mobile service

Rehab Connection is a private speech pathology service, that’s mobile! Based in Sydney, we have extensive experience treating clients with communication disorders in multiple settings – from hospitals, to group homes, private homes, aged care facilities and workplaces.

Useful information

Augmentative and alternative communication (ACC) (PDF)

Source: Speech Pathology Australia 

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