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The pros and cons of Iinsight – caseload management software

The pros and cons of Iinsight – caseload management software

We recently went through the arduous task of choosing a new caseload management software. We looked at three options that we believed could fit our purpose – Cliniko, a custom-developed program within Sales Force and Iinsight.

After a lot of research, we chose to move forward with Iinsight. Now that we’ve been using the system for 4 months, I really pleased with the decision.

If you want to get the full story on what we think of Iinsight, read our in depth blog here.

If you’re more of a skim reader, this quick summary should give you some idea about why we choose it: 

Works on both Apple Mac and Windows No SMS reminder functionality
Set-up fees are included Additional fees to link to Xero
Outstanding helpdesk support – This was a big reason we chose Iinsight Some performance issues during peak times (may also affect other web-based software)
Designed for on-the-go users – no additional costs Limited functionality to subcategorise files and documents for easy searching
Intuitive design and easy to use

If you’re curious about Iinsight and want to know, feel free to drop me in a line at I’m happy to share more about how we went about choosing the system.