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If you won lotto, would you keep working?

If you won lotto, would you keep working?

Question: If you won lotto tomorrow, would you keep working?

You know the scene.  Dinner with friends, the conversation is easy and someone asks the lotto question… So my answer?  No hesitation. “Yes”  Which got me thinking, not about the answer, that bit was easy.  Why would I keep working if I didn’t HAVE to?

I love people.

I love interacting with people, I love chatting with people. I love helping people. For many of my clients, communicating  or eating/drinking is hard, hard work.  When they succeed & you helped, it is the best feeling ever. (Insert fist pump here)


These days, I work for myself.  I am ultimately accountable only to myself.  The vast majority of the time I absolutely love that.  I make sure I do a good job.  I have no interest in providing “adequate”  service.  It’s up there with the word “fine” Unless we are talking about weather, I am NEVER aiming for “fine”.  I am accountable to my clients and their families and the organisations who pay me. I do a good job, I go home. I really like that.


I’m not sure if this is strictly my job or not… But I have decided that it is. (Seeing as I am a self-governing autonomous worker)   Most of my clients have acquired their communication and swallowing difficulties in adulthood.  This world of health professionals, support workers and funding bodies is new to them. They need someone inside the system in their corner.  I am not talking about “shouting down the man” or anything like that.  I am talking about listening to the client. Helping them to understand what may or may not be possible. Being honest, empowering and helping them find the right person or organisation to meet their needs.

Problem Solving

Most of my clients have acquired neurological conditions resulting in moderate to severe communication and swallowing issues. They often have many complex needs.  I love thinking through the goals likely to have the biggest impact with that person, their family and support people.

May I also say, some weird things happen when brains are injured.  I enjoy the problem solving and critical thinking involved in the assessment and subsequent treatment regimes for those tricky clients.


A fair bit of my self-identity is wrapped up in my job. It is a big part of who I am and I like it that way.

So those are my reasons for wanting to go to work. What are yours?